The Disco Biscuits 5/28/10 Ogden Theater: Let Your Fans Write Your Set Lists

A couple of months ago the Biscuits had a raffle with their Planet Anthem release that offered a lot of interesting prizes. One of the prizes was "write a Disco Biscuits set list for a show you attend". This was a fantastic Biscuits show and if it was because of the input of a fan, they need to let more fans write the set lists or keep this guy on the staff full time. The flow of the show was fantastic and the playing was on point.

05/28/10 Ogden Theater, Denver, CO

Set I: Voices Insane> Run Like Hell1> Voices Insane, The Bridge, Jigsaw Earth
Set II: Spectacle, Air Song, Basis For A Day1> Rock Candy> Tricycle> Rock Candy
Encore: Once The Fiddler Paid
1 unfinished

In the first set the Voices Insane> Run Like Hell> Voices sandwich was superb, the band was on fire straight from the start. It was fun to dance with my British PT buddy Stevebed during Run Like Hell (Pink Floyd). Jigsaw Earth got a huge crowd reaction, although there was no dub jam to close it out.

To use the language of my buddy Corey, "second set was absolutely fucking disgusting! Spectacle! Fuck yes. Air song was disgusting." The second set is something you should listen to if you are a Biscuits fan. Basis had multiple themes jammed out on each bridge, and Rock Candy into Tricycle was the dark, nasty, evil Biscuits I love. The show was topped off with a rare Fiddler encore. This show had just a little bit of everything the Biscuits do, the jamming never lost me and I am pumped for tonight at Red Rocks.


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