Thursday, May 13, 2010

Phish on Jimmy Fallon Tonight!

So it looks like the boys will be playing Loving Cup for Jimmy Fallon's showcase of Exile on Main Street covers. I kinda wanted to hear Torn and Frayed, but the Phish will tear the shit out of LC.

Thanks to Team HOOD for the Festival 8 video...

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mikey freshh said...

The "Torn and Frayed" from Cincy was the fucking fire!! It sounded much better to me vocally than the Indio Version I.M.H.H.H.H.H.O. The first time phish plays a cover, it's a smoking cover song. But when they decide to play a cover for a second is no longer a cover song - it is now a phish song! Still true to the original, but now with their own special stamp on it. They make the songs their own.

Hope to see this one in somewhat heavier rotation this summer along with the new Genesis covers...which by that point will be full on phish songs!