Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LOST: What They Died For

Ryan and I are back for the last regular LOST episode. It was a good one. Here is the setlist:

Geronimo Jackson, May 18, 2010

Set I (Off Island): Milk and Cereal (1), Cremation Services (2), Slow and Low (3), Watching The Detectives (4), Mr. Nice Guy (5), I Found a Reason (6), Jailhouse Rock (7), Cortez the Killer (8)

Set II (On Island): Bullet with Butterfly Wings (9), Throwing Stones (10), The End (11), Loving Cup (12), Secret Door (13), The Payback (14)

Encore: Wishing Well (15) > Seek and Destroy (16)

(1) G Love and the Special Sauce; David, Jack, and Claire
(2) Jerky Boys; Desmond and Jack
(3) Beastie Boys; Desmond with “we’re here to help you let it go” banter
(4) Elvis Costello; Miles and Sawyer
(5) Will Smith; Alex and Dr. Linus
(6) Velvet Underground; Locke with Alice in Chains “Angry Chair” teases
(7) Elvis Presley; Kate, Desmond, and Sayid
(8) Neil Young; Officer Cortez (aka Ana Lucia), Sayid, Kate, and Desmond
(9) Smashing Pumpkins; Kate and Jack
(10) The Grateful Dead; Young Jacob and Hurley
(11) The Doors, Jacob and the Candidates
(12) The Rolling Stones; Jack and Jacob
(13) Arctic Monkeys, Ben and Flocke
(14) James Brown; Ben and Widmore
(15) Blind Melon
(16) Metallica

Head over to Hidden Track to join the discussion. Remember this Sunday 5/23 is the finale!!!

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