Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Coventry Music Goes To The Dirty South

Tomorrow most of the Coventry Music Crew will be at the Raleigh Phish show. I am so excited to get to see everyone. Dr. Pauly, The Joker, JonasOtto, The Disco Sisters, Broseph and Strawberry Shortcake will all be there. Most of us will be at Charlotte and the Atlanta shows as well. I think Broseph will be chatting up the ladies in the lots and hustling the n00bs, so look out. We hope to run into you and please say hi, we are a fun bunch.

As a reminder, follow us on twitter to keep up with comments from the lot and the shows.

The main feeds for this run are:
Coventry Music: @CoventryMusic
Dr. Pauly: @taopauly
The Joker: @neillybop
Broseph: @BrosephLives
Jonas: @jonas0tt0
DiscoSis1: @DiscoSis1
DiscoSisII: @DiscoSisII
See you in the lot, brah!


Unknown said...

The Breakfast On Tour crew will be headed to Atlanta for the 3rd and 4th shows. Would love to finally meet up with y'all and have a few too many. We're pulling in to ATL on Friday evening, and the party wont stop until Monday morning...

2 8 1 8 4 4 2 1 3 6

Call me

-Jim (Eggs)

dangerous_dave7 said...

Hey Joker,

The party bus mixes were quite the success, thank you again. The Merriweather shows (my firsts of the year) were a ton of fun, it was great to be back. I'll be in Atlanta both nights, rocking my Bathtub Jin shirts one of them. Hope to run into yall!


Greg said...

See you in ATL!

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