Furthur Fest Lot Report

Check this wook laden lot report from The Pine Tree of Arnold, CA. Further Fest sounded like a genuine 'nam circus.

Some of the many gems:

"Early Sunday morning deputies responded to Hwy 49 outside of the fairgrounds for a naked male running on the highway banging on vehicles as they drove past. The deputy who responded had to taser the subject prior to arresting him."

"Inside the fairgrounds a mother had overdosed on controlled substances while her 3 year old child was attached to her with a leash type device. Reportedly the child took its clothes off to get away from her mother. The mother was hospitalized and the child was taken into protective custody. While at the hospital the mother had to be restrained as she was combative and attempted to bite and injure hospital staff."

"At the fairgrounds parking lot camping area another male reportedly under the influence of drugs cut his own throat open and was attempting to pull it apart with his own hands."

Narcotics seized during the event
8.9 grams ketamine (A general anesthetic)
962 grams of psilocybin mushroom and mushroom chocolate
61 ecstasy tabs
2.5 grams of powered ecstasy
30 doses of LSD

Release Statistics
Posted BaiL.................................. 6
Released on Citation.................. 26
Remained in Custody.................. 22
All Other........................................ 9

"A subject ran his head into the side of a patrol car as a Sergeant was leaving the fairgrounds. When this subject was contacted he began to fight with the Sergeant and at one point tried to remove the Sergeants' firearm from its holster. As he was being taken into custody a crowd formed around the deputies making threats against the deputies."

"Contrary to reports of the attendees being peaceful baby boomers from the 60s and 70s only using marijuana the sheriff s office came into contact with numerous, violent young adults under the influence of strong drugs with psychotic and aggressive behavior expressing an anti -government sentiment similar to those subjects who protest G-8 Summits and other anarchist movements. Several people including concert goers apologized to local law enforcement as they were able to witness the violent reactions and behavior of some of the festival attendees."

Check the Full Report


Broseph said…
I want some of the "powered" ecstacy
Unknown said…
Sad that deadheads these days are getting so fucked up they think violence is cool.....scumbag ratio at events like this is growing....whats the deal? lack of the elders on "tour" and thus these kids live this "road" lifestyle without 1 bit of street smarts that made the hoboes of yesteryear so cool
RUSHI said…
i Love Music
Broseph said…
The comments on the pine tree site say it all. 10,000 people attended, around 60 were arrested; a small ratio.

The fact a dude ripped his throat open with his own two hands non-withstanding, it sounded like a pretty mellow scene.
Unknown said…
I found this guy on YouTube! Let me know what you guys think? Here is his latest video he uploaded. Check it out and let me know....Thanks!


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