Phish Video - Rock and Roll 6/19/10 and the Whale

Phish - Rock and Roll - SPAC - 6/19/2010 from Lori Ann Christina on Vimeo.

First Song, Second Set, Night One of SPAC. I'm still a Phish noob but called this getting fist bumps/high fives & hugs from our southern-fried hippie friend Tony. He could have cared less that I'm older then his mom and he boogied down with me and Dr Pauly for most of the night. When he took off for water the pseudo-wook who fart bombed Pauly moved into Tony and his buddy Chase's seats. (those dreads you can see spinning during R&R are the pseudo-wooks). Pseudo-wooks buddy was directly in front of me and had to be the tallest friggin dude in the pavilion. Pauly is 6 feet and this dude towered over P and was two rows and about 8 inches below. I was trying to shoot around his bobbing head and flailing arms. My usual flawless camera work is a little shaky. The Pseudo-wook actually came over and gave me a fist bump and hug sharing some wooklove. Everyone around us was cool and chill and just excited to be grooving to the Phish. I definitely felt a powerful vibe moving thru the shed.

Strangest thing, just as Pseudo-wook and the tall dude floated off to other seats. Tony and Chase returned with water for us. Had the Phish played Wolfman's Brother then, I would have thought that Chase and Tony were actually shapeshifters and had just transformed from there primal selves back into there human forms. And yes I was stone cold sober.

Rock and Roll is a vehicle the band can jam off on but the jam got a little lost at the end and I turned off recording it about 13 minutes in. They probably played a few more minutes of what I call Saratoga jam until Trey shut it down. I knew something was off and asked Pauly if it was supposed to be/end that way and he said no. It was definitely a little mis-step or a work in progress. Listen to the end and hear for yourself.

Another weird thing I kept hearing a sound out of Trey's guitar that sounds like horns, specifically a saxophone to me. I told Pauly this and i think he actually thought I was capable of still tripping from residual LSD left in my system from 20 years ago. A little research shows I'm not having auditory hallucinations or flashbacks. It appears Trey is using a pedal or something phans on Phantasy Tour are calling the Whale. Im pretty sure what I was hearing was the Whale. I guess to some phans it sounds like a whale call, to me it sounds like a horn section.

I absolutely love this song as well as Ya Mar and Gotta Jibboo which I also recorded. So, I had a hard time not being able to boogie down to these at the show. Believe me when I got home and downloaded the songs into Flipshare, I was throwing down solo during playback in my office while Pauly devoured the cupcakes, black and whites and Chocolate Russian Coffee Cake I had bought for munchie food out in my living/dining room.


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