Dyslexic Hip-Hop

When you think of music that comes from Seattle, Grunge is usually what enters the mind. However, recently I discovered some fresh new hip-hop coming out of the Emerald City from a lyrical wizard who goes by the name Dyslexic. He just released his first EP, "808's X First Dates" which you can download FREE.

A few of Dyslexic's influences include Jurassic 5, Blackalicious, Outkast, Muddy Waters, Del La Soul, Issac Hayes, among many others. These influences are evident in the tracks on the 808's X First Dates release as they are filled with funky, soulful tracks that have a very old school feel, great hooks, while still sounding fresh and inspired. This mixtape has been getting heavy rotation in my iTunes library.

Look for Dyslexic's first full length release in August which will have a track featuring Gift of Gab. Until then:

DOWNLOAD Dyslexic - 808's X First Dates



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