Stepped Up Alcohol and Drug Enforcement Announced for SPAC

Be smart Phans, looks like the law is looking to cash in this weekend:

"Uniformed and plainclothes police officers..."

"Passive alcohol screening devices (Alco-Sensor FSTs ) will be used to detect alcohol in unmarked containers. Drug detecting canines will also be on site."

"Checkpoints will be in place on roadways and entry points to screen motorists for possession of alcoholic beverages and intoxicated driving. Intoxicated drivers will be immediately arrested and their vehicles will be impounded."

Read more here.


Kid Dynamite said…
"passive alcohol screening devices" ??!?!?! really? wtf?
Irongirl01 said…
Thanks Jonas You scooped me! I was going to bump up my old SpAc tips post and add this. I can confirm from friends who have been to shows already this year that they are even searching cars. kind of like the shit you go thru crossing the border

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