Thursday, June 10, 2010

Naked Chick Thwarted

Summer camp 2010. A naked chick gets owned by security for trying to climb stage. The band barely notices. The action occurs around 2:00.

Brennanj81's Description:
"While Mad Dog is conducting a jam during Umphrey's McGee's 2nd Set on Night II of Summercamp, a buck naked girl tries to jump on stage and while she is grabbed by security she gets ahold of audio cables on the stage. UM light tech, rodie, and DJ extroirdanaire Wade Wilby springs to action, beats the cables from her hands and then celebrates his handywork sidestage."


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not sure if this is been posted yet. but here's a link to Phish playing Kill Devil Falls on Jimmy Fallon, shown last night. I think it was taped during the same show they covered loving cup. 1 more day!!!