30% Leg 1 Complete; Live Webcast Tonight

Phish completed 30% of their summer tour and it's been a wild ride thus far filled with ups and downs, but lots of ups and momentous nights with delicious jamming. Here's an index of our coverage from this past weekend in Bader Field and Atlantic City.
6/15/12 Atlantic City - Friday: Setlist - Recap - Videos
6/16/12 Atlantic City - Saturday: Setlist - Recap - Videos
6/17/12 Atlantic City - Sunday: Setlist - Recap

By the way, check out our coverage from the start of tour....
6/7/12 Worcester, MA (Night 1): Setlist - Recap - Videos
6/8/12 Worcester, MA (Night 2): Setlist - Recap - Videos
6/10/12 Bonnaroo, TN: Setlist - Recap - Videos
Phish released several official videos on their Vimeo home page. Take a peek. Here's Carini and Shafty!

Don't forget... Phish will be webcasting both of the Portsmouth, Virginia shows! Visit LivePhish.com for more details.


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