Twitter, Phish Summer Tour, and @CoventryMusic

Greetings earthlings, Phishkids, jaded vets, reformed wook-a-holics, and other Phish-fried members of the cosmic crew....

I'm about to head to Atlantic City and jump on Phish tour for the first time this summer. This is like Christmas morning for me. Can't wait to get to the lot.

That means you should follow @CoventryMusic and @taopauly (my personal account) for as much coverage as humanly possible, which includes tweets (especially "Lot Prices"), Wook Patrol podcasts, pics, videos, and recaps.

Sometimes we encounter obstacles on the road that makes it difficult to share what we experienced. This is usually because of lack of time due to traveling, too spun out (i.e. having too much phun), drained batteries, zombie apocalypse, and a shitty internet connections in campgrounds or in our hotel du jour. Due to the nature of the beast, and that beast being the untamed Phish beast that drags us around the country this summer, we have no idea what exactly we'll be providing at any given day which is why you need to be patient, follow us on Twitter (@CoventryMusic), and check back in here on the blog on a regular basis over the next few months for a plethora of coverage including setlists, videos, and recaps... if I'm not too schwasted to write one.

If you see us at the shows, playing cards in the poker room, wandering the lots slinging stickers, or setting possum traps on the side of the road... definitely stop by to say hello. After all, we're coming to your town, to help ya party down!

That's it for now. Drive safe. Party smart. Help each other out. Enjoy your summer tour.

P.S. image of Twittery-Phish by @StrangeDesign

* * * *

ICYMI, here's our coverage from summer tour thus far...
6/7/12 Worcester, MA (Night 1): Setlist - Recap - Videos
6/8/12 Worcester, MA (Night 2): Setlist - Recap - Videos
6/10/12 Bonnaroo, TN: Setlist - Recap - Videos


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