Phish Setlist: Atlantic City 6/15/12 - Friday

Official Phish poster by DKNG
6/15/2012 Bader Field

Phish returns to Atlantic City, where the sand turns to gold, for a three-night running of the wooks at Bader Field. In case you missed it, here's what the boys played for their Friday night show...

The Phish - 6/15/12 - Bader Field, Atlantic City, NJ

Set 1: The Sloth, My Sweet One > 46 Days > Camel Walk, Tube > Cities > It's Ice, Ginseng Sullivan, Stash, Simple > The Wedge, Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan, COIL

Set 2: My Soul, Birds of a Feather > Back on the Train > Heavy Things, Twist > Piper > Billy Breathes, Sneaking Sally > David Bowie

E: First Tube

FYI... check out Pauly's recap: AC Night 1: Satan Standing On the Beach and the Birds Orgy.


Help! said…
Anyone have the link for the download yet?? Looks like a great show.
DiscoSis1 said…
no link yet. they take a hot min. as we have to wait for ppl. who went to the show last night to DL their copy & then upload it. and with ppl. getting shwasted, needing to recharge, etc. it usually wont pop up until the afternoon. even later for those west coast time zone shows later on in the summer/fall.

Someone will post one soon. Probably later this afternoon.

And if you have a link already, pls feel free to pass it on. :)
aphishianado said…
Set 1:
aphishianado said…
Numero Dose:
DiscoSis1 said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
spencer said…

entire AC-1
Unknown said…
Thank you for this blog. I'll check on this on the upcoming Atlantic City concert schedules.

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