The Best of Hampton: Pauly's Picks

I created two Best of Hampton mixes. Part 1 included some of my favorite songs performed during the first set of all three nights, while Part 1 included material from the second set and encore during the three-show run. I picked twenty songs that stood out for me personally during that magical weekend.


Click here to download Pauly's Best of Hampton Part 1 and Part 2.
Best of Hampton Part 1
1. Suzy Greenberg
2. Gumbo
3. Mexican Cousin
4. Sanity
5. My Friend My Friend
6. Maze
7. Tube
8. Cars Trucks Buses
9. Free
10. Frankenstein

Best of Hampton Part 2
1. Tweezer
2. First Tube
3. Rock and Roll
4. Ghost
5. Character Zero
6. Day in the Life
7. Down with Disease
8. 2001
9. MoMA Dance
10. Slave to the Traffic Light
Click here to download Pauly's Best of Hampton Part 1 and Part 2.


the joker said…
somebody needs to make a "mexican cousin" lot shirt, so i can buy it. im a fan now.
Henry Holland said…
I laughed when that song ^^ started on Mr. Miner's No Spoilers download. I totally was expecting a Friday encore on 3/6/09. :-)
Moleman X said…
Pauley....seriously? left out some monsters that topped most everything on this list. Taste and It's Ice for starters were completely sick. Then First Tube, Stash, SOAM, and Bathtub were all top shelvers. Maybe you need a Best of Part 3 (Best of the Best).
Pauly said…
First Tube made the cut. Taste and Melt were bubble selections.

Again, it was tough to pick 20 songs out of 70, but those were the ones that I found myself constantly playing over and over.
Unknown said…
.........or you could not make a "Best of Hampton" mix. Most real fans have listened to all of the shows and all of the songs - in context. Not only in the context of the show but in the context of the whole weekend. I think that the reason it is hard to pick 20 out of 88. Each song, in its place, is what made the weekend magical.
Moleman X said…
Hey yourself with the "real fans" comment. I've been frequenting shows since 1994 and was at the Hamptons shows, and I'm sure Pauley has experienced the same. Do you think we haven't listened to all three shows numerous times completely through? Man? What's wrong with plucking a few highlights? real fans....grumble grumble...check your ego at the door bro.
Moleman X said…
and BTW Mark, most "real fans" would know that there were 84 songs...not 88. mehhh
Unknown said…
I have to apologize for the "real fans" verbage. I truly was not trying to be snooty. It just seemed odd to me that someone who blogs about phish would be posting a greatest hits type compilation, and apparently my bemusement came across as conceit. But since you want to splice hairs: when I said that they played 88 songs I guess that I was counting the 4 publicly posted soundcheck songs as well. So, like I said 88.
Pauly said…
I have been seeing shows since 1989. And 154 in all.

Music is a subjective entity, especially Phish, and that's what is so great about it. As I stated, these 20 songs were some of my favorite personal moments from all three nights that I wanted to share with my friends (some of which who are not hardcore Phisheads).

Was Mexican Cousin sicker than Stash? Of course not, but it was one of those moments when my friends and I nearly fell over on the floor for laughing so much when they busted it out. I missed moments like that over the last 4.5 years.

Sometimes it's not about the music and all about how you felt about the music.
Anonymous said…
thank you Pauly you hit the nail on the head!


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