Thursday, March 05, 2009

Hampton Coverage on Coventry & Twitter

This is a scheduled post, because we're in transit as we speak. The Joker's flight from Colorado should have arrived at this point, and my girlfriend and I should be somewhere outside of DC en route to Hampton.

Three three of us will be covering the Phish reunion in our own unique ways. The Joker will be in charge of the live blog (here on Coventry) of the pre-party, lots scene, and the show. I'll be writing an overall recap of each show. And my girlfriend (aka Change100) will be commenting about everything else including her hilarious fashion updates.

In addition to post stuff on Coventry, you can follow us all on twitter (make sure you opt out to receive messages to your cellphone if you don't have unlimited text messaging service). I'll be tweeting the setlists on my account.
Follow Dr. Pauly on Twitter (setlist updates)
Follow the Joker on Twitter
Follow Change100 on Twitter
We'll be taking photos and videos as well during the entire weekend festivities.

Prepare for the madness and mayhem...

Editor's Note: Twitter is not perfect, sometimes the tweets get jumbled and sent out of order! I'll do my best with the glitch.


jonas0tt0 said...

Awesome! I expect the level of epicness in blogging to meet the level of epicness at Hampton.


Have fun, be safe, and dont get too fucked up.

Tyson said...

I want pictures!! pics of the lot, crowds, venue, wooks etc...

We are living vicariously through you this weekend ;-)

Rob said...

Great great stuff thanks. Glad you found the light again.