Trey & Mike Page to Play with Allman Brothers?

I heard a rumor earlier in the day that Mike and Trey were going to sit in with the Allman Brother Band at tonight's show in New York City. I actually walked passed the Beacon Theatre, where the Allmans were in the middle of their extended March run. I figured that it was just a rumor to sell more tickets.

Later in the afternoon, I heard the same rumor from a couple of other sources but that time Page's name was thrown in, while another involved Fishman.

Who knows for sure... we'll have to wait until show time to find out. If anyone is at the show and is on Twitter... shoot me confirmation to @taopauly.

And yes, a friend of mine offered me a ticket to the show... over a month ago... and I declined because I did not want to spend $90 on a ticket.


Thanks to a few folks who updated me with the rumor confirmation. Trey and Page sat inw ith the ABB (along with Buddy Guy). They played three songs... Southbound with Buddy to close the first set, and they played two songs to open the second set including... I Know You Rider and Liz Reed.

HT has a review of the show.


Anonymous said…

looks like Page/Trey and Buddy Guy

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