Live Music Blog Returns!

I'm happy to see that Justin, Whitperson and the crew at LiveMusicBlog are back. Welcome back guys! Im looking forward to some more podcasts and Phish Fridays. check em out!
The Inevitable “We’re Back” Post
"I’ll admit that it was weirdly bittersweet that Phish had announced their return around the same time that the site got put on hold. The band’s was a major reason for me starting the site, so the fact that they returning seemed to fit the fact that I would leave the music blog scene to greener pastures. As much as I loved doing it, I was majorly burnt out and really not taking care of the site in the way it needed to be worked on. So I took the time off and really enjoyed myself quite a bit. And I still went and saw tons of great live music and anxiously awaited the return of Phish earlier this month in Hampton, VA. I wasn’t going to be there physically, but I knew that the internet would allow me to feel somewhat there in spirit. Phish fans have a way of making sure the experience is something that gets transferred into the living room and/or home office."


whitperson said…
thanks a lot for the shout-out guys!

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