Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Suwannee Springfest 2009!

Another 4-day festival at Suwannee
spent in the sun, with the wind and the trees...

The walking, the talking, the spreading of love, the ground became soaked with rain from above.

Dirty toes wrapped with duct tape,
don't forget your time at Suwannee is exactly what you make.

Tornado Rider with special fairy guests!

The Gourds

The Duhks

Richie Havens

Donna the Buffalo

The WaCo Ramblers

Another mix I present, from me to you.
What it boils down to is my grass is blue!

1) Golden Apple Dance - Tornado Rider
2) Pill Bug Blues - The Gourds
3) Lied, Lied, Lied - The WaCo Ramblers
4) Down to the River/Jeb's Tune - The Duhks
5) Here Comes the Sun - Richie Havens
6) Kesh Jigs - Scythian
7) Country Gal - The Gourds
8) Paranoidness & Pain - Tornado Rider
9) Movin' On - Donna the Buffalo
10) Shoal River - The WaCo Ramblers
11) Le Meunier Et La Jeune Fille/Les Quatre Fer En l'Air - The Duhks
12) Shove in the Right Direction - David Gans

(Some photos taken by my ladies, Jen and Sabrina!)


Pauly said...

Cool pics. Sounds like a great time in FLA!

BTreotch said...

What was your favorite show? And who did you hump in your tent?

Anonymous said...

Although I enjoyed every artist that I saw (except for this band called Swamp Cabbage)...I really was enthralled with The Duhks' performances....the lead singer has got a set of pipes, man.

And of course, my buds from Tornado Rider - it's the insane gibberish they spew, mixed with their eclectic costumes and then Rushad rocking the cello Hendrix style that gets me...

Unfortunately, this strawberry GOT NO HUMPING inside or outside of the tent! Next time I'll hang a sign....

mudly said...

Silly Stacey... silly mud :-)

Anonymous said...

That picture is going to haunt me for the rest of my life!!


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