Cheese Reunion?

First... Phish. Then, the Dead. Now, the Cheese is up next.

According to the Rothbury website, they announced their 2009 lineup and String Cheese Incident is listed as one of the headliners.

I'm not a Cheese fan, but there's gotta be a ton of happy Cheese Kids in Colorado right now.

Photo credit: phreak89


IamwhatIam said…
I'm not a big STI guy but in the right frame of mind...I'm thinking late night at Bonnaroo in 2007...they can be a pretty fun show.
IamwhatIam said…
I'm also not a big

S..C...I guy.

I think the prior comment makes me a Star Trek Incident guy. I'm not a big one of those either but in the right frame of mind "Kaaaaaahn" is a lot of fun!
Kid Dynamite said…
i LOVE the cheese.

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