Fagot Says No! (with video)


(AUSTIN) - A big concert rumored to hit a farm here in central Texas doesn’t appear to be happening after all. Fans of the jam band, Phish, got that notion after a promotional video shot near Georgetown went viral.

The Phish reunion is happening this year, and the frenzy has begun. John Fagot now realizes the frenzy behind Phish after he was answering phone calls from fans wanting to know if the band was going to rock out on his farm.

“I started getting calls from Massachusetts, New York, D.C., Atlanta,” said Fagot.

Fans tracked down the Fagot farm from his promotional video posted on the band’s web site.

City of Georgetown spokesperson Keith Hutchison said the city started receiving calls as well, some saying the town was going to become flooded with 75,000 fans.

The rumors have got so out of hand; Fagot said the band posted a notice on their website saying Phish was not having a concert on his farm.

Phish does go on tour this summer; their first show is at the end of June, in Colorado.


the joker said…
im glad...texas in august would have been awful.
IamwhatIam said…
Waiiiit..."Their first show is at the end of June in Colorado."!!!!!

What the fuck am I supposed to do with my June 9, 10th tickets!!!

BTreotch said…
I can't believe the guys name doesnt have a silent T. Another reason why Phish is ghey in the greatest way..

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