Mr T Red Rocks Phish Tickets Craigslist Ad

Our good friend Tawny sent this to me, I found it hilarious:

Mr. T says "Got no time for jibber jabber - I need Red Rocks tickets!" - $50 (Denver/NYC)
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Date: 2009-03-26, 3:37PM MDT

Hey Sucka! Mr. T here. I pity the fools that try to scalp Phish Red Rocks tickets. Those prices are crazier than Murdoch after a week without his medication! Think T is going to pay those kinds of prices?? No way sucka!
Some scalper in California wanted me to pay $3,000 for his four day pass! Does he think I got all this gold by being a fool? I'd go crush his skull but I ain't getting on no airplane.

When the A-Team takes on a client, do we gouge them? No way sucka! We never ask for much in return. Kind of like the old Phish scene. Reasonable prices, straight up trades and no jibber jabber! But I ain't asking for no free miracle tickets. Mr. T will pay a reasonable price above face and/or trade some Jones Beach, Merriweather, SPAC tickets or gold chains.

Hook the T-man up and he'll return the favor. For example, if you own a family business that is being shaken down by a group of local bad guys - Face, Hannibal, Murdoch and I will straighten those suckas out! We may do a lot of shooting, but dont worry, no one will get hurt. No one ever does. That's right sucka!

Email my friend Steve at - Thanks sucka!


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