Sunday PHISH Hampton Live blog

6:00 doors are about to open but today we are at the back of the line, conserving our energy. I've been having an awesome time walking though the lots. Bought a couple of t-shirts and stickers, and played some phish songs on guitar.

Tonight I am going all in. Pauly, nicky and I are wearing the track suits, and I'm going to dance like this is my last day on earth. This is my favorite band, they are playing their hearts out, and I'm gonna give them everything i have tonight.

To make it even more fun for those following along, I'm listing my top 4 picks tonight...these are the songs that I will go apeshit for and I'm also calling the"take a dippy song". The list;

Down w disease
Golgi apparatus

I'm expecting at leat 3 of these... Can't wait.

7:30 darly still does not have a ticket and is in the lot. I went up to the smoking section and put my ticket in a water bottle, threw it about 40 feet over a gate and into the lot. Darly got the ticket, we will see if he is able to get in w a scanned got a little wet in the transition, but we are hoping that will work in his favor.

7:45 daphne and darly got in!!! Fkna

7:46 the crowd has done the wave several times around the arena.

Someone has brought a life size cardboard cut out of barack obama... He is in the crowd right in front of the stage.

Sunday=funday. Never miss a sunday show.

hampton phish night 3 sunday setlist
Set -i
Sanity (wow)>
Bathtub gin
Ac/dc bag
My friend my friend
Scent of a mule(amazing solo on piano by page!!!)
All of these dreams
Just because? (Mike country song)
Unsure of title(Page song)
Cars trucks buses>
Frankenstein (w page on guitakeybord!!! Fucking sick!!!)

What's left to play? How they gonna fit it in??? Excited. I feel great. Met scottyb from hidden track, my favorite and the best music blog at setbreak.
Set II
Down w disease!!!
(Big dwd jam)>(bwh2o is down! Wookie down! Abother brah is lost. He's gonna be ok.)
Seven below
The horse>
Silent in the morning
Moma dance (I'm so happy right now!)
While my guitar gently weeps
Velvet sea
Slave to the Traffic Light

E: Contact
Tweezer Reprise

Each show this weekend was special, they all had their moments...but its hard to beat a set with DWD, twist>2001>moma dance. Sick playing once again tonight.


Unknown said…
I definitely agree with your picks
I think all of those but cities
I am hoping for a sneakin sally !

thanks so much for doing this all weekend I have been enjoying your input on the show !
Anonymous said…
fuckin'-A right Daph and Daryl got in!!!! your idea with the ticket = fuck yeah fuck yeah!
Unknown said…
quick thinking with the water bottle & ticket.
Unknown said…
the country song was a song by george jones called She Thinks I Still Care and then they went into Army Of One (page song)
Unknown said…
man down !!!! man down !!!!
BTreotch said…
that looks like two shows... unbelievable run..
jimiphish said…
Joker, thanks for the setlist.
jonas0tt0 said…
Nice job Joker! Thanks for the great libe blogging all weekend!
IamwhatIam said…
This is the only one I haven't Downloaded yet...but the setlist looks SICK!

Hope y'all had fun.

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