Grace Potter Needs a Bass Player

Bryan Dondero is leaving Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Here's the message that appears on the GPN website....
We want to apologize for the unfortunate cancellation of the trio of shows scheduled for the end of March (Revolution Hall, 8x10, and Mr. Small's). GPN and bassist Bryan Dondero have recently parted ways. Bryan is an important part of the band’s growth over these last five years, and he will be missed and not easily replaced. We thank everyone for understanding and look forward to playing for you this summer.
And here's Bryan's statement that he wrote on his blog...
Why did I leave the band?

The truth is that this was not my judgment entirely, maybe not even at all. But sometimes life throws situations at you where you are forced to do something. In my eyes the only thing worse than making the wrong choice is to not choose at all and then face the consequence of your inaction.

So I chose.

But I’ve realized something very important recently, and that is this: to withdraw is not to quit. I am certain in my choice and certainty breeds belief. What reasons could I list for a decision such as this that would encapsulate why I am leaving the band? How could I sum up five years of experience in an easily digestible statement? I can’t.

To all of the numerous people who have embraced me along the way, thank you. I am forever reverent to you.

To the band, I love you all and will hold all of our memories close to my heart.
Anyway, if you are a bass player in the Burlington, VT area, there's a kick ass band with an open slot.

HT to This Is Somewhere for the abrupt news.


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