Friday, July 02, 2010

Coventry Wook Patrol Podcast: Dispatches from Raleigh and the Church of Joker

The Wook Patrol is Coventry's new podcast project. We recorded two episodes in the Phish lot at Walnut Creek in Raleigh.
Episode 1: Wook Patrol: Dispatches from Raleigh with Jonas - The Joker and Pauly give the play-by-play of the shenanigans in the lot at Raleigh. While on wook patrol, Jonas and "WilliamMiller" caught a frat boy smashing bottles and were quick to intervene.

Episode 2: The Church of Joker - Pauly interviews the Joker who recaps his first night back on tour since NYE. He admits that he loves Velvet Sea for the first time and was thoroughly enjoy the overall live experience, ergo the feeling he forgot.
Thanks for listening. And thanks to Dan from for FTP hosting.


the joker said...

Dr. Plough said...

Wow, review podcasts! That was very cool. I'll definitely listen to your podcast reviews. I enjoy your little cast of characters with their goofy names, and it was fun to hear their stories. It was also REALLY refreshing to hear somebody say something positive about non-jam composed songs. KEEP THAT UP! The composed songs need love too!

BTreotch said...

Love Joker's gushy recap..

We need a hot chic lawn report from Broseph.. I asked him if he had a favorite song from the show.. He said 'I met this girl named Amy'.. So I assume Amy was both gorgeous and gave him a Hanje in the lot or something..