Late Night Dance Party - The Secret Weapon

By now, you have seen us mention William Miller - The Prodigy Kid a few times. He is responsible for throwing one of the most badass living room dance parties we have ever experienced while in Raleigh last week. It was 1am, the music was great, and everyone was having a great time. It was at that moment that The Prodigy Kid took a chance and escalated the already great dance party into a rage fest straight out of Studio 54.

Download this album and save it in your dance party playlists. And when you're getting laid, you can thank Billy Miller.*

*Billy Miller played the original vinyl edition - therefore you may only get a BJ if played from itunes.


1. Sesame Street Fever - Featuring Robin Gibb
2. Doin' The Pigeon
3. Rubber Duckie
4. Trash - Featuring Robin Gibb
5. C Is For Cookie
6. Has Anybody Seen My Dog?



Anonymous said…
F-ing LOVE IT! One of the highlights of the trip for me!
DiscoSis1 said…
LOVE IT! I didn't even know my man had picked this up at the thrift store. Just another reason I <3 William Miller!

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