Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Joel Cummins plays 'Orfeo' on Denver's 16th Street Mall

About 2 months ago Denver put pianos all along 16th St. Mall for public use. Check out Joel Cummins of Umphrey's McGee play 'Orfeo' on one of the public pianos. I am super proud because I work about 2 blocks from where this was filmed.


Kid Dynamite said...

awesome. logistical question: what happens to the pianos when it rains? i assume they leave them out all the time... are there no punks in DEnver who think it's cool to vandalize these pianos?

Anonymous said...

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shags dawson said...

they have tarps behind the pianos that they use to cover the pianos at night and when weather gets shitty.
i havent seen any of the pianos vandalized as of yet. its at the 16th street mall and that place is always full of cops and homeless folks so theres always an eye on these pianos