Thursday, July 22, 2010

String Cheese Incident Red Rocks Preview

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday the String Cheese Incident are returning to Red Rocks for the first time in 3 years. If feels like its Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween all wrapped into one. People are fucking pumped for these shows in Denver.

Yesterday morning I posted a Craigslist ad selling my 2 extra Saturday Cheese tickets for face, letting readers know that preference will be given to people who tell me what their costume is going to be. I was able to help out the half moon/full moon couple but sadly there are a pair of smurfs, a man wearing a diaper and a neon gladiator still looking for tickets. I can't wait to see all the ridiculous costumes from friends and strangers alike.

I will be there and hope to record some Wook Patrol podcasts in addition to the normal reporting. Wildo will be on the scene as well - look for his debut Coventry Blog reviews on the SCI Red Rocks and Hornings Hideout shows.

Check out the light show from the '07 Satruday Red Rocks Show:

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Wildo said...

Debut Post FTW!!! Hope I can formulate words and opinions after the shows :-p