Friday, July 09, 2010

Buy Lost Vegas!

Heya gang. If you don't know, I recently published my first book about my experiences in the poker industry.

Click here to buy Lost Vegas. There are free shipping options available for U.S. residents. Take advantage of that discount and order your copy now!

You can officially buy a copy of Lost Vegas: The Redneck Riviera, Existentialist Conversations with Strippers, and the World Series of Poker.

If you have any questions, please visit the FAQs section.

If you have any poker friends, please tell them about this book. I appreciate the plug!


mikey freshh said...

Awesome! Congrats! Gonna pick one up for sure.

the joker said...

i wanna see uncle ted!!!!

Wildo said...

'll totally pimp your book to all my poker buddies.

Can I get uber hetty signed copy post purchase?!?

Unknown said...

Joker: Will you please post a "mega" link for Dr. Pauly's book? I want to download it to my Kindle. Thanks.

the joker said...

mark- ill get to right to work on that ;-)

until then...if you havent heard this yet, or even if you have, listen to it again...dr. pauly day 1D Pharmaceutical Report:

a m s said...


Just got the book yesterday and am approaching chapter 3. Love the perspective and literary style so far. Dry humor mixes well with shenanigans!

Will def recommend this to my friends (again) next week after finishing it.

Keep on rockin in the free world!


a m s said...

and one question.. how in the hell did you call out ghost and first tube encore on the fourth?? props!