Saturday, July 03, 2010

Alpharetta, GA 7/3 and 7/4 Venue Advice

from level_7_VET on PT
Basically this is the skinny on that lot:

1) No vending on any items
2) No Scalping/selling tickets

a) Walking around with a finger in the air will get you a ticket with a fine. Your best bet to getting a ticket is to walk through the lanes of cars and ask people about it

b) Whey really crack down on people selling tickets. So be discrete about it. Don't sell or buy a ticket by the venue, do it tucked away in the lot.

3) Don't piss/shit in the woods. Man up and take the awful smell of the port-o-potties. If you get caught, they'll bust you for public intoxication and/or indecent exposure.

4) Road blocks are more likely on the following roads:
Haynes Bridge

Those two roads (Mansel and Haynes bridge have 400 access, and you can bet your ass they will be looking for drunk drivers. If you got a hotel off of exit 7-11 of 400, Learn the back roads route. It will be safer.

If you got a hotel in ATL, then take Haynes bridge to Old Alabama, make a left and then a right on Barnwell road (where you'll see a BP and a CVS). Take Barnwell to Holcomb Bridge and make a left on it. Drive until you see a sign for 141, and go south on that. It'll take you to I-285. Go east on I-285 and then get on 85 south to go to the city. I-85 is the safest interstate in the city. less cops out at night. 400 is usually cop heavy.

5) if you don't get in, your best bet is to leave. Don't be a dumb ass and party in the lot or attempt to sneak into the show. Security patrols the venue heavily. Cops are all over the lot at all times. On lot, you need a solo cup for alcohol. No drinking out of a can or bottle. Alcohol bottles of liquor can be seen. Bring a trash bag in advance to keep your shit clean. Beer cans on the ground will attract unwanted attention

6) They police heavily for smoking inside the venue. So if you're a cig smoker, either head to the back of the lawn and smoke cigs there, or if you're trying to smoke some trees, keep it low key. Best bet is a one hitter. Pot heads, eat some ganja food. Smoking isn't gonna happen. You can pull off a few quick hits but then hide that shit. They have security in the isles of the pav. So rocking the isle isn't likely to happen. If you're getting stubbed down, get to the pit.

7) They sell decent food inside, so for the lack of food on the lot you can get some grub to ease your munchies and/or sober your ass up from drinking all day.

8) Don't be a dumb ass and buy any parking passes. There will be free passes day of show.

9) Traffic will suck. Get there early on the 4th. The amphitheater is near several prominent Country Clubs, which means a lot of old rich white people will be on the road heading out to see fire works.

10) The venue is in Fulton County. The following Alcohol rules apply:
No Alcohol sales on Sunday (buy your heady Fat Tire on Saturday and stock up). Bars/Restaurants can sell drinks, just not ABC, grocery stores, or gas stations. So stock up on the 3rd. Alcohol is cheaper in Atlanta than Alpharetta.

11) Best pregame spot is the Sweetwater Brewery. 7 bucks gets you 6 beers and a free pint glass. Take the tour and enjoy some micro-brews.

12) Decent restaurants in Alpharetta area to grub at:

a) Dreamland BBQ:
b) Ipp's (Italian food:
c) Mellow Mushroom:
d) North Point Mall has a bunch of sit down restaurants as well, which are all 1-2 miles of the venue. If you get on Mansel road and head north towards Alpharetta Highway, you'll find more places to grub as well.

Be Safe! See you on the lot, the Coventry Crew is going to try to get an early (9am) start from Charlotte. We are staying at the the Atlanta Mariott/Alpharetta on Windbrook pkwy.

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