Saturday, January 08, 2011

JamCruise Report

Seems like every year there is a "Federal Raid" on Jamcruise. This year a report from says, "The Jan. 4 operation resulted in 15 seizures of Marijuana; LSD; mushrooms, hash oil; Ecstasy; prescription drugs and drug paraphernalia in mostly small quantities"

Hope everyone is safe and having a good time. The ship has 2 webcams setup: VIEW HERE and click on "deck cam" to see the party. Im pretty sure I can see The Joker wearing a Disco Ball Helmet...

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Dusty Bottoms said...

Our cab was searched by a Customs dog at the entry of Everglades port. The cab driver told me that he has never once been searched by a dog before that day while driving people to their ships. Inside the terminal was worse. People getting pulled out of line and what not. Getting off the boat we didn't see a single dog and the customs dude didn't even read the form of things I was declaring. Totally different vibe than last year.