Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MIX: Phish – Shades Of Blue (Best Of)

Our buddy, "Ampersand" has created a whole collection of Phish Compilations from the 1.0 era. Over the next several weeks, Coventry will be posting these compilations for you to download. The tracks are all SBD recordings and feature the entire version of the song. Here is the first compilation:

Phish – Shades Of Blue (Best Of)

Disc 1
Bathtub Gin 07/29/1998
Run Like An Antelope 12/29/1997
Ghost 11/17/1997
Slave To The Traffic Light 11/26/1994

Disc 2
Tweezer 12/02/1995
Wolman’s Brother 11/19/1997
Tweezer Reprise 04/03/1998
Piper 07/18/1999

Disc 3
Down With Disease 12/11/1997
David Bowie 12/29/1994
Down With Disease Reprise 12/31/1993
Stash 11/14/1995

Disc 4
Roses Are Free> 04/03/1998
Roses Are Free Jam
Harry Hood 10/23/1994
Reba 10/31/1994
Chalk Dust Torture 07/10/1999

Disc 5
Mike's Song 12/31/1995
Simple 10/31/1996
Weekapaug Groove 12/31/1995
Twist 04/02/1998

Disc 6
Tube > 12/07/1997
Tube Jam
Halley's Comet 11/22/1997
You Enjoy Myself 12/09/95


BTreotch said...

do you know why these are "blue".. any particular style with these songs or some other theme?

Phishentine said...

Yes...can you please shed some light on the Blue theme?!


Phishentine said...


So helpful in so many ways.

jonas0tt0 said...

"I originally started the compilation with the goal of finding very melodic textural jamming. I viewed the quintessential song as went gin and got the title from that. As the compilation changed styles, I just kept the title because much of it was already labled.

I know it doesn't make much sense, but I liked it so I just kept it." - Ampersand

Next week we'll be posting the "Machine Gun Trey" Mix.

aphishianado said...

Love it.

Blue, you're my boy, Blue!

Steve In Denver said...

Saw these compilations on PT last summer. Disc 3 melted my brain. They had 8 total, but the last one or two didn't work if I remember.

Also, Shades of Blue is an African American military pilot/vets group here in Denver if memory serves me correctly. I'm sure these mixes and that group are not related any any way, other than they boath soared in the past.