Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pick's Mix - LetSDance

My buddy Pickle writes from Tahoe:

"Ive been sitting on this for a bit, tweaking a few things. But I mainly wanted to create a thick, heavy, juicy, block-filled, geometric, LSD freakout, dance party mix. There's been some cool artists i've stumbled upon this year and few others taking their music to some serious levels.

I complied a few booty-dropping, hand swatting, squat-thrusting songs sure to get a party crunk.

Njoy you freaks!"

Pickle has mixed the tracks so they flow together, it is meant to be played in order. Have fun.


Pick's Mix - LetSDance

01 MLK/MJ Mashup - Beats Antique
02 Leftfield Podcast Snipet - Bassnectar
03 Robo Booty - Opiuo
04 Who Got Juice - Gramatik
05 Ghosts n Stuff - Love and Light - (ProBiotiks Mix)
06 Dont Put Your Guard Down - Pretty Lights
07 Smashers and Mashers Podcast Snipet - Bassnectar
08 Creamy Taco - Opiuo
09 Bitter Pill To Swallow - Saqi
10 Ruck - Tipper
11 Red Baron of WW3 - Gramatik
12 Certified Air Raid Podcast Snipet - EdiT
13 Straight From Machines Podcast Snipet - Kraddy
14 Ask Your Friends - Pretty Lights
15 Funky Fresh - King Britt


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Cheers Joker.

More mixes here:

site under construction.

Major said...

nice job as always.... PS.. LOVE THE NEW NAMING CONVENTION...THAKNS!!! [### - Title]