Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MIX: Phish - PHunk

The Ampersand Compilations continue this week with "PHunk", featuring the funkiest Phish from 1997. Check back next Tuesday for the final Ampersand Compilation, "Phish: HORNS!"
all tracks are SBD quality.


Disc 1
ACDC Bag 12/30/97
Boogie on a Reggae Woman > 12/07/97
Cars Trucks and Buses 03/08/97
Izabella > 12/30/97
Harry Hood 12/30/1997


Disc 2
Punch You in the Eye> 12/11/97
Down With Disease> 12/11/1997
Maze 12/11/1997
Down With Disease Reprise 12/11/1997
Wolfmans Brother 11/19/97
Disc 3
Tube > 12/07/97
Slave To The Traffic Light 12/07/1997
Nicu 12/29/97
Vultures 07/22/97
Fire 11/17/97
Ghost 11/17/1997


Disc 4
Drowned > 12/11/97
Roses Are Free 12/11/97
Mikes Song > 07/22/1997
Simple> 07/22/1997
I am Hydrogen 07/22/1997
Weekapaug Groove 03/01/97
Runaway Jim > 07/22/97
My Soul 07/22/1997
Disc 5
Olivia's Pool > 11/17/97
Johnny B Goode. 11/17/1997
Psycho Killer > 12/07/97
Jesus Left Chicago 12/07/1997
You Enjoy Myself 11/17/97
Disc 6
Sneaking Sally Through The Ally > 12/30/97
Taste 12/30/1997
Halley's Comet > 08/16/1997
Cities > 08/16/1997
LLama 08/16/1997
Black Eyed Katy > 12/30/97
Sneaking Sally Through The Ally reprise 12/30/1997


Disc 7
Bathtub Gin 08/17/1997
Reba 12/07/1997
Timber 12/07/1997
Limb By Limb 08/16/97
Frankenstein 12/30/1997
Crossroads 12/29/1997


Disc 8
Tweezer 11/17/97
Run Like An Antelope 12/29/97
Fluffhead 12/29/1997
Tweezer Reprise 02/16/1997
Cavern 04/05/98


Parker said...

great mixes ampersand...

any chance at some torrents of these to enable easy downloading?

Unknown said...

anyone else have a problem dl'ing disc 2?

HAL_Masa said...
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HAL_Masa said...

It looks nice to me, thanks ampersand. I'm enjoying others. Are these a seamless mix?
BTW, "You Enjoy My-Mix:2010-2011 Holiday Run Edition" will be released later this week, keep looking forward to it.

tele-mon said...

I'm not getting all the tracks for some reason. Also getting some kind of encription message when trying to extract. The music I am getting sounds great though. Guess I'll try again.

Timothy said...

RC: hovers over dates expecting setlist to show up.


Phishentine said...

Wowsers. Thank You. Big Love.

Disc 2 seems to get caught a the 19.2MB marker...

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Jonas, is there a way to download this 97' compilation from drop box or another source? I would love to get these tracks and obviously megaupload does not exist anymore.