Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Phishy Rumors: Dave Matthews and Oxy Trey

I'm loving the Dave Matthews Phishy rumors that blew up on Twitter today. If it ends up being true, I'm hoping to see a little Dave and Oxy Trey Reprise.

This video features an epic schwasted Trey. He doesn't even know how to play Everyday, which makes Dave a bit embarrassed, but he fights back a wave of laughter and guts through the song even though Trey is desperately and unsuccessfully trying to seg into Bathtub Gin.

My favorite part is at the 4:48 mark when a faded Trey turned over his acoustic and tried to play percussion.


Jason said...

I don't follow twitter. What's the rumor?

Unknown said...

Just do a quick search on da twitta - search.twitter.com

Or click here: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=dmb+phish

jonas0tt0 said...

this video never gets old. So funny and so sad at the same time.

Justin said...

Jesus, I had never actually seen this video. Wow.