Saturday, January 29, 2011

Go Time! Phish Festival at Watkins Glen, NY on July 1-3

The rumors were true.

The Phish will be throwing down for a 8-set festival in the Finger Lakes region of New York kicking off on Friday July 1st and ending Sunday July 3rd.

I dunno who exactly from our crew is going at the present moment, but rest assured, some/most of us will be in attendance. The July 3-4th shows last summer in Hotlanta were among the hottest of the scorchers of the tour, so you definitely don't want to miss a batch of festy Phish.

Here's a montage video that I show at the Halloween 2009 for Festival 8 in Indio...

See ya in WG for #9.


Wildo said...

I'll be there with bells on, a car full of CO beer and a mobile bloody bar!!

Phish in Upstate NY over Independence Day FTW!!!

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