Best Coffeeshop in Amsterdam: Grey Area

Greetings from Amsterdam.

I spent time in one of my favorite places on Earth... the Grey Area coffeeshop. When I lived in Amsterdam over the summer, our canal apartment was a couple of blocks from Grey Area.

My brother first told me about the tiny place when he visited Europe in 2001. It was owned by Americans. They had bongs. Played great music. And you could by quarters and ounces.

The walls were originally mirrors that have been covered by stickers, including all of your favorite Jambands. There's even a sticker from Illegal Pete's in Boulder. Also, you'll find a picture up on the wall of Phish hanging out in Grey Area.

I first checked out Grey Area in September of 2005, and got quickly hooked on the Grey Haze. Here's a sample:

And here's a quick photo montage of some of my favorite Grey Area photos. Enjoy.

Inside the Grey Area


Anonymous said…
Based on the stickers, I think this is the same place that Dave Attel visited on his Insomniac show that was on Comedy Central.

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