Sunday, February 10, 2008

Topic: Transcendental Post Hiatus Jams

A PTer named "Gordeaux" started a rather quality thread at the Phantasy Tour message boards titled Transcendental Post Hiatus Jams. These are the types of posts I look for on PT, but seem to find too rarely. It's still a great resource for music, player haters and internet tough guys.

Anyhow, I took the liberty of tabulating all the uploads from the first hundred posts or so. If you just want to hit one BIG one, check the Jambient Mix 2003:

gorge round room
alpine 03 twist
Camden 03 scents and subtle sounds
chicago 03 Simple
IT discern
boston 03 piper
IT Ghost
IT Reba
IT Ya Mar
Vegas '04 Twist
Deer Creek 03 Scents and Subtle Sounds
L.A. 03 bathtub gin
Jambient Mix 2003
boston rock n roll
12/31/03 Stash
06/19/04 Piper

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Pauly said...

Love that jambient mix....