Thursday, February 21, 2008

THE (MIX) CONTEST at Let's Go Get It music blog

It's tough for a white guy from the Dallas suburbs to find good funk and soul music, especially from the golden age of 1970s. Well, it just got a little easier. From the funky people who maintain the quality Let's Go Get It soul and funk (and more) music blog:

Ladies and Gents Welcome to The Contest II
In this second edition 10 of our friends are here to share their compilations with us .
The goal here is have fun, but the most downloaded mix will win a 30-day Rapidshare Premium-Account.

I invite you to download those mixes you think are the best.
And give your feedback in Comments.

The Finish Line will be on Sunday 24th.
So, Lets Go Get It!

I downloaded both the Bon Mot and 70's Rare Grooves mixes and enjoyed the hell out of them.

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