Donna Jean: Right Place, Right Time

I always felt that the Grateful Dead achieved perfection in 1977. Donna Jean and her husband, the late Keith Godchaux, were in the Dead for nine years including that magical 1977.

I got caught up in a great article on titled Donna Jean: Right Place, Right Time by Ann Marie Svilar. Check it out.

Here's an excerpt:
"Getting to be in The Grateful Dead, being in the right place at the right time, and having the experiences that I did in that band, the incredible privilege of being a part of Jerry Garcia's life for almost nine years and to be in his presence. He was one of the major influences of my life and the direction that it would take" says Donna Jean. "He was very influential on me in so many ways, musically and philosophically. I learned probably more from him than anybody in my whole life."

Photo credit: Dave Hunter


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