Deadheads for Obama - Setlist

Thanks to the Joker for the info. Looks like an interesting acoustic second set of four songs. Seeing those songs and thinking acoustic Dead made me really really really miss Jerry.
2.4.08 Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA

Set 1: Playing In The Band > Brown-Eyed Women > Mississippi Half-Step > Minglewood Blues > Come Together

Phil speech about Obama

Set 2 (acoustic): Deep Elem Blues > Friend Of The Devil, Deal, Ripple

Set 3: China Cat Sunflower > The Wheel > Other One > Sugaree, Eyes Of The World > Throwing Stones > Iko Iko > Playing Reprise

Phil Lesh's Donor Rap

Encore: U.S. Blues

The Band: Phil Lesh, Micky Hart, Bob Weir, Jackie Greene, Mark Karan, Steve Molitz, John Molo, and Barry Sless
Don't forget to vote today. It doesn't matter who you vote for, as long as you participate in the process.


Irongirl01 said…
Same thoughts Doc. Ive been thinking about acoustic Radio City and my favorite song Ripple

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