The Dude of Life - Where Is He Now?

The Dude of Life is an interesting footnote in Phishtory. The last time I saw him was at the Nassau Colesium show in 2003. The Dude of Life took the stage and performed Crimes of the Mind with the boys. Ever wonder what happened to the guy (a.k.a. Steve Pollack)?

Check out this article called The Dude of Life by Becca Tucker, which appeared in the NY Press. You'll find out some interesting bits about The Dude of Life, like how he's a suburban dad who commutes to the Bronx to teach public school.

Here's a bit:
"The way I would consider it is, Phish was famous, and I got a taste of that fame," Steve tells me over coffee in a suburban strip mall on the day we meet, a weekday evening after class was dismissed. "It was great. It definitely could be addictive."


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