BTreotch 4th QTR Results 2010

The GPS is one of my favorite pieces of technology. It makes you dumb, but you can retain the freedom of taking a turn at some strange intersection for the hell of it and still be comfortable enough to know your route will be recalculated to get you to your final location. For over a week I drove from Maryland to Connecticut, then down to North Carolina and ending back home in Florida. Somewhere north of Raleigh, I came across a small town with a purple storefront shining a beacon of dog loving light. Later on that night I would go on to get black out drunk with the discosisters, culminating with DSII dancing to a wedding reception song. It was a good night.

This mix is filled with old and new songs and several foreign based bands. El Guincho is from Spain, Satanicpornocultshop are from Japan and The Beaumonts are from Lubbock, Texas.

Sida A
1. Occapella Lee Dorsey
2. Give Me the Beat Ghostland Observatory
3. März Woima Collective
4. Fuck You Cee Lo Green
5. The Boots Stay On The Beaumonts
6. Oh! Centra Javelin
7. Never Tear Us Apart Beck and Record Club
Side B
8. Bombay El Guincho
9. Pinky Satanicpornocultshop
10. Nothing But Our Love Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
11. Jump On Stage Girl Talk
12. Hell Of A Life Kanye West
13. Just A Gigola Louis Prima
14. Acid Richard Pryor
15. Placing the Blame Self

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Unknown said…
On a scale of 1 to 10 how foreign is Lubbock? The video for "Bombay" is pretty sweet.
BTreotch said…
not sure about a number scale, but it's in between Lithuania and Belize..

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