Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LOST: Recon

Last night's episode wasnt mind blowing, but I did enjoy the Sawyer/Miles detective story. I would watch a buddy cop show about the 2 of them after LOST is done.

Here is this week's setlist:
Geronimo Jackson, March 16, 2010
Set I: (On Island): Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (1) Liar (2) > Zoo Station (3), Terrible Lie(4)> Crazy Mama (5), Deal (6)

Set II: (Off Island): Makisupa Policeman (7) First Date (8)> Take Me Home Tonight (9) > Family Picture (10), Mirror In The Bathroom (11), Little House On The Prairie Theme (12) > Sorry (13), Fugitive (14)

E: Yellow Submarine (15)

(1) U2; Claire and Kate with special appearance at end by Flocke
(2) Sex Pistols; Sawyer on vocals
(3) U2; Sawyer, teased by the band
(4) Nine Inch Nails; Kate and Flocke on vocals, Claire on Drums
(5) Rolling Stones; Kate and Flocke on vocals, Claire on Drums
(6) Grateful Dead; Widmore + Sawyer first verse, Flocke + Sawyer second verse
(7) Phish, Keyword: LaFleur
(8) Blink 182; Sawyer and Charlotte
(9) Eddie Money; Sawyer and Charlotte
(10) Donna The Buffalo, Unfinished; Charlotte
(11) English Beat; Miles and Sawyer
(12) Michael Landon was on LOST. Seriously.
(13) Stevie Wonder, Unfinished; Sawyer plays the saddest of all keys
(14) Merle Haggard; Miles and Sawyer w/special guest Kate
(15) Beatles; with alternate “Freckles” lyric, second Yellow Submarine encore in two shows
As always, join Ryan and I over at Hidden Track for more thoughts and discussion. Can't wait for the Richard Alpert backstory next week!

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