Sunday, March 14, 2010

Coventry's Weekly Round Up: Telluride, LOST, Hampton, and Bedroom Rockers & Yacht Rock Mixes

I forgot to do a weekly round up last week because I drank too much on a trip to South Carolina and was hungover to do any real work. Anyway, consider this a mega-round up that features highlights from the last two weeks on Coventry.

So here we go...
Bedroom Rockers Mix
LOST: Dr. Linus
Telluride Votes Yes to Phish
Video: Hampton Montage
Today in Phishtory 3/8/09
Today in Phishtory 3/7/09
Today in Phishtory 3/6/09
Podcast: Joker's Fiancee Story
Yacht Rock Mixes
LOST: Sundown
Videos: Use Me
Free Music: Chilled Out Eskimo Pie

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