Thursday, March 04, 2010

Yacht Rock Mixes

Check out the Yacht Rock mixes put together by my buddy Chef Bliss. Put these on at a party and...well...Yacht Rock.
Part 1 :
Peg - Steely Dan
I Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You Are Near) - Michael McDonald
Steal Away - Robbie Dupree
Rich Girl - Daryl Hall & John Oates
Rosanna - Toto
Hold Me - Fleetwood Mac
Brandy (You're A Fine Girl) - Looking Glass
Escape (The Pina Colada Song) - Rupert Holmes
Summer Breeze - Seals & Croft
Nassau-Baby I Love Your Way - Peter Frampton
You're So Vain - Carly Simon
Lowdown - Boz Scaggs
Human Nature - Michael Jackson
The Finer Things - Steve Winwood
Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty
Somebody's Baby - Jackson Browne
This Is It - Kenny Loggins
Africa - Toto

Part 2 :
You Make My Dreams - Daryl Hall & John Oates
Sweet Freedom - Michael McDonald
Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Elton John & Kiki Deei
Lido Shuffle - Boz Scaggs
L.O.D. (Love On Delivery) - Billy Ocean
Heart To Heart - Kenny Loggins
Silly Love Songs - Paul McCartney
What You Won't Do for Love - Bobby Caldwell
You Are - Lionel Richie
How Do The Fools Survive? - The Doobie Brothers
The Fez - Steely Dan
Ride Like The Wind - Christopher Cross
Eye In The Sky - The Alan Parsons Project
I'd Really Love To See You Tonight - England Dan and John Ford Coley
Easy - The Commodores
I'm Not In Love - 10cc
Key Largo - Bertie Higgins

Update 1/21/2011: Editor's Note -- It should be noted these mixes were originally posted at and I suppose Chef Bliss did too much coke and forgot to tell me where he got em. Sorry about that.

Check out the comments....


Unknown said...

All you need is this mix, a couple 4 packs of Bartles & James and an 8ball and you're all set!

However...the failure to include the Little River Band's "Cool Change," the highwater mark of yacht rock, is an issue.

the joker said...

i just slipped into my speedo and popped some bubbly...any of you LADIES wanna come over for some hot tub action?

jonas0tt0 said...

dude someone needs to re-up Volume III, STAT!

Just finished 1-2, and cant breathe right now...


Unknown said...

Vol 3. has been removed from the sendspace!! Can you repost it?

the joker said...

vol 3 link!

the joker said...

part 1:
part 2:

Topher said...

Part 3 deleted again!

steve0 said...

we need three back up

Rabbi von Sydow said...

Smooth! Thanks.

Verniques said...

PLEASE give proper CREDIT to the REAL mixer and not the PLAGARIZER! This mix was NOT made by the Chef Bliss.

Uncle Zev said...

you stole that from another blog, well done!

Pauly said...

No one "stole" or "plagarized" anything.

We have the best intentions of giving the correct attribution. At the time this post was created in March 2010, we were under the assumption that the mixes were created by someone else.

Now that the original creator has come forward, we are in the process of making a correction. Rest assured, we want credit to be given to the correct person.

Thanks to bringing this to our attention. More over, thanks for your patience, understanding and cooperation in this matter.

John Vilanova said...

Can you re-up part 3??

jonas0tt0 said...


Stanky said...

Can someone re-up parts one and two please?

Brody said...

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