Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Telluride City Council Votes Yes to the Phish

Good news. The ball is now in Phish's court. The Telluride City Council voted to allow two Phish concerts in Telluride.

Thanks to Jonas for the following notes...

-there is still no signed agreement between AEG & Jazzfest
-The rep from AEG showed up late...so they talked about some other logistics first
-there's talk of charging for parking OR talk of adding -$2.50-$5 extra per ticket to account for parking and additional security
-Telluride public a little nervous about pushing the concert curfew from 10 to 11 pm
-After AEG showed up, they claimed that there is an agreement in place between AEG & Jazzfest, but it just hasn't been signed off by the lawyers yet.
-Jazzfest nervous about selling more tickets now that all the lodging has been reserved by the Phisheads
-They are planning on selling 9000 tickets for Phish and have a plan in place to accommodate parking/traffic for that number...but with Jazzfest moving out and the threat of ticketless fans showing up, they will need to get more barricades and have lots of traffic control in place
-They talked about 3-5 TICKETLESS fans showing up.
-Definitely 2-day tickets sold...no single show tickets will be available (except for locals)
-They will make some tickets available to the Telluride locals...probably 1500 each night. Everyone understands that's a lot and AEG wants to have the option to get those tickets back after a certain date if they don't sell out.
-They talked about how Phish crowds are more "mature" these days
-Jazzfest considering selling more tickets to their Sunday 8/8 show to reap the benefits of more music fans arriving in town.
-If Phish plays past 11pm, they will be fined $100/minute.
-I think someone said tickets will be $49.50/show + the additional town fees.
-The town asked if AEG can increase the ticket fee. AEG said no, but they will donate up to $15K to accommodate the additional security
-The town wants an information booth in place prior to Jazzfest
-The town wants a barricade in place beginning Sunday 5 pm (I guess that would be on the outskirts of town and they'd only allow those with tickets or hotel reservations into town???)
-Everyone started laughing when someone asked if they could sell tickets to locals prior to public on sale.
-They had an official vote where they unanimously said "yes" agreeing to most of the conditions mentioned above.
Update: Check our Merrick Chase's article about the hearing... Phish in Telluride.

Photo credit: Merrick Chase

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