Wednesday, March 03, 2010

LOST: Sundown

Once again Ryan and I are back with this week's recap setlist. Check out thoughts and discussion over at Hidden Track.

Geronimo Jackson, 3/3/2010

Set I – (Off Island): Me & My Uncle (1) > Dirty Deeds (2), Accidents Will Happen (3) > Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover (4), Eggs (5) > Happiness is a Warm Gun (6)

Set II – (On Island): Kung Fu Fighting (7), Evil Urges (8) > Cuts Like A Knife (unfinished) (9) > (I Just Died) In Your Arms Tonight (10) > Drunken Hearted Boy(11) > Stay or Leave (12) > Cuts Like A Knife (End) > Die Die Die (13)

E) Exodus (14) > Tweeprize (15)

(1) Grateful Dead; WTF? Sayid is an Uncle?
(2) AC/DC; Omar on vocals, Sayid on guitar
(3) Elvis Costello
(4) Sophie B. Hawkins; Sayid on vocals
(5) Ryan Montbleau, Martin Keamy on vocals and guitar
(6) The Beatles
(7) Carl Douglas; Sayid and Dogen duet
(8) My Morning Jacket; Sayid and Dogen singing a canon
(9) Bryan Adams, *Unfinished
(10) Cutting Crew, Sayid + Flocke
(11) Allman Brothers; Dogen
(12) Dave Matthews Band; Dogen & Sayid
(13) The Avett Brothers; Smokey
(14) Bob Marley; Flocke leads large group sing along
(15) Phish; With “Jin Stepped Into The Freezer” lyrics

What did everybody think?

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Vanny G said...

this show pisses me off, moving at the speed of molasses and STILL not answering any questions.

Ryan Dembinsky said...

I'm glad Dogen and and Lennon got dusted. What a couple of pointless characters.

the joker said...

the "never seen lost" blog is pretty funny- sarcastic recaps- but it really goes over the top this week with the tribute video to dogen. im sure youll love it: