Friday, March 05, 2010

Live Phish Haiti Relief

I know this is old news, but I just returned from South America where I watched extensive coverage of the 8.8 earthquake in Chile. As much of the world is currently focused on Chile, I wanted to remind everyone about the folks in Haiti that the Phish organization is currently helping out.

If you purchase 11/19/92 St. Mike's College, the latest Live Phish release, you will be helping out with a good cause. According to
100% of proceeds from the release will benefit The American Red Cross and Partners in Health, two organizations working towards the aid and restoration of Haiti. Phish's own non-profit, The WaterWheel Foundation, will match the first $15,000 raised from the sale of this show.
If you don't know, here's the track listing...
Maze (10:17)
Fee (5:23)
Foam (7:50)
Glide (4:21)
Split Open and Melt (7:28)
Mound (5:49)
The Divided Sky (14:54)
Esther (9:03)
Axilla (4:17)
The Horse (1:21)
Silent In The Morning (5:14)
Run Like an Antelope (10:41)

Mike's Song (9:42)
Hydrogen (3:00)
Weekapaug Groove (9:09)
Bouncing Around the Room (3:50)
It's Ice (7:49)
I Walk the Line (2:42)
Tweezer (7:44)
Big Black Furry Creature from Mars (1:05)
Tweezer (2:34)
Big Ball Jam (6:25)
Poor Heart (4:59)
Fast Enough for You (5:31)
Llama (4:48)
Hold Your Head Up > Lengthwise (9:40)
Cavern (5:34)

Bold as Love (5:19)

Weigh (6:11)
Caravan (6:04)
Shaggy Dog (2:38)
Funky Bitch (9:18)
Click here to download 11/19/92.


miketoda said...

You should stress that this should be BOUGHT. I know this has already been stolen numerous times by folks at PT and the BT sites.
What a shame, still don't understand how people justify stealing music. Especially in this case.

Ryan Dembinsky said...

Well said Mike.