Tuesday, March 02, 2010

FREE MUSIC: The Chilled Out Eskimo Pie

Here is a Pandora station that I have been working on for a while now:

The Chilled Out Eskimo Pie seeks to create the kind of deep, multi-layered, psychedelic and electronic grooves that, as individuals, we have constantly sought but seldom found on our own musical journeys.

The music is intended to convey the sound and emotion of a place, an experience, and/or a time. It embraces many genres of music, conveying the essence of all without being a literal interpretation of any.

In this process, there is a conscious effort to avoid the standard musical forms that have been exploited by so many other forms of radio. There are no well worn blues, rock or pop formulas and no boring techno beats that have been heard a thousand times over.

Instead of leading people by the hand through what they already know, it is left to the individual to conjure up their own imagery, emotions, and experiences.


the joker said...

i LOVE this station. I leave it on all the time at home. its great. good work jonas!

jonas0tt0 said...

This station is where i find all of my new music. It has turned me on to SO MANY ARTISTS that i have NEVER heard of, yet are so damn good.

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