Headcount.org Download + Climate Change/Clean Energy

The gang over at Headcount.org is offering a free download as motivation to contact your Senator about clean energy and climate change. I personally do not believe in man made climate change, but I do believe in building a clean energy economy and I love music. Check it out.
The download includes:

Bull Black Nova - Wilco
Animal - Pearl Jam
Inaudible Melodies - Jack Johnson
Rapunzel - Dave Mathews Band
Cath... - Death Cab for Cutie
Fuel - Ani DiFranco
Kill Devil Falls - Phish
Banks of the Deep End - Gov't Mule
Delicate Few - O.A.R.
Not Coming Down - moe.
100 Yard Dash - Raphael Saadiq
Throwing Stones - Bob Weir & RatDog
And The Ladies Were the Rest of the Night - The Disco Biscuits
The Wanting Comes in Waves/Repaid - The Decemberists
Oh! Sweet Nuthin' - My Morning Jacket
Happier - Guster
Box of Rain - Phil Lesh and Friends
You can also download without contacting your Senator.


BTreotch said…
wtf?.. are you trying to draw people offsides?
the argument is largely that that climate change is not wholly caused by man, but exacerbated by man.. furthermore, why would you have a belief in something that's not faith based and, more to the point, something that you've never studied?
the joker said…
btreotch- you're the scientist...do you have something to add/educate us?

im just saying i dont buy the man made climate change theory and dont belive there is a political solution to climate change. i think the documentary i linked up is great.
BTreotch said…
I don't study climate, so I wouldnt try to educate someone about it.

I don't have a belief. I try my best to not talk about things I don't know about about unless I'm really, really drunk. I try to learn and listen when I feel like not being beaten down by it all.

I've met a dozen or so scientists who do study climate - they're all cut of the same nerd cloth that pretty much prevents them from lying or manipulating their life's work that they don't get paid very much to do. It's impossible to have a consensus on a system so complex as climate. With the majority of these guys agreeing - vaguely - upon a theory, I certainly wouldn't reject it off hand. ever. at all. when I don't even know a thing about it in the first place.

go read some books, talk to some scientists, or watch youtube.. but that shit's a beating - so I prolly won't - but I'm not going to make up my mind either way.
BTreotch said…
I'm gonna watch Season 1 The Wire instead.. ;)
Anonymous said…
Raphael Saadiq


The Way I See It
Greg said…
They should've made this 2 discs: one with mainstream/indie bands, and the second with jambands. And no WSP or UM?!
Broseph said…
To say climate change is/isn't effected by humans requires some sort of defense. To just say it without backing it up is bs. If one isn't willing to defend their claim, one ought to think twice about making said claim.
the joker said…
i dont think that all or even the majority of the climate change is caused by humans. i think most of climate change is caused by cycles in the sun. should we pollute? as a general rule, no. can governments control climate change by making more laws? i dont think so. i think you should you watch the documentary i linked up and make up your own mind or do more research.
Anonymous said…
on one of the MSG nights I recall Raphael Saadiq ECSTATICALLY TWEETING about how he wants to JAM WITH THE BOYS. no word of a lie.
In regards to him being on the CD:guity by association eeeehh.
Anonymous said…
His album was playing while everyone piled into the arena on Wednesday night of the NYE run in Miami....

Let's hear it for some Tony! Toni! Toné!

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