LOST: The Package

For a Jin/Sun episode, I enjoyed this one. I loved Sawyer's one-liner when asking why FLocke can't turn into smoke and go over the water to Hydra Island: "That would be ridiculous!" Can't wait to see my favorite Scotsman back in action next week, brotha. Here is the setlist...

Geronimo Jackson, March 30, 2010

Set I (Off Island): Mo Money, Mo Problems (1), Hardest Button To Button (2) > Money, Love and Change (3), Money That’s What I Want (4), Tweezer > Free > Punch (Shot) You In The Eye (5) > Knocked Up (6)

Set II (On Island): Commando (7) Runnin (from) The Devil (8) > You Can’t Talk (9), Garden (10), White Room (11), War Pigs (12)

Encore: Wolfman’s Brotha (13)

(1) Notorious B.I.G; Jin and Sun, Korean Lyrics
(2) White Stripes; Jin and Sun
(3) Trey Anastasio; Jin and Sun
(4) Barrett Strong; Keamy
(5) Phish Medely; Tweezer had “Jin stepped into the freezer” lyrics, Sayid,
Sun, Jin, Mikhail
(6) Kings of Leon; Sun
(7) Ramones
(8) Van Halen; Sun and FLocke
(9) David Bowie; Sun, Korean Lyrics
(10) Pearl Jam; Sun and Jack
(11) Cream; Jin
(12) Black Sabbath; Flocke and Widmore
(13) Phish, first time Desmond performed on the island since The Economist,
38 shows ago.

What did you think? Check out Ryan's recap and join the discussion at Hidden Track.

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